Pipeta 12-kanałowa zmiennopojemnościowa Pearl®Pipette - HEATHROW SCIENTIFIC


Pearl™ Pipettes Adjustable Volume
Precision liquid handling
Precision liquid handlingA complete range of single channel pipette volumes to cover all your possible needs. The sleek ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of RSI, as the pipettes require 2/3rd the operation pressure of most standard pipettes. Each pipette is tested in accordance with standards and a calibration certificate is supplied. Precision metal components for both shaft and barrel ensure reliable performance and long life
Precision liquid handlingEach unit is color coded and labeled with volume range (both top and side for quick visual confirmation) Features:
Precision liquid handling-Volume adjustment and low-force dispensing all in one button for convenience
Precision liquid handling-Slight downward slant to tip ejector button reduces hand fatigue, incidence of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
Precision liquid handling-Isolated volume locking ring prevents accidental volume changes
Precision liquid handling-Finger hook
Precision liquid handling-3-position volume display
Precision liquid handling-Universal tip cone

* - poniższe ceny są cenami netto PLN za jednostkę miary (Cena netto/JM) i nie zawierają podatku VAT oraz ewentualnych opłat dodatkowych
Kod Zakres objętości Kolor *Cena netto/JM Ilość
HS120217 5-50 µL pomarańczowy 2582.17/szt
HS120218 30-300 µL fioletowy 2582.17/szt

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